*Monica  has been my massage therapist for just about a year. I don’t know what I’d do without her! I struggle with neck, shoulder and back aches. I, like most people, carry stress in these areas. She always listens to me and understands my problem areas as they differ from visit to visit. I look forward to my appointments because I know I will be much better after them – and without the use of ANY meds. This is the biggest reason why I continue to go on a regular basis, Monica gets the center of my problem areas, no need to mask the pain with meds. I highly recommend Monica and Remedy Massage!

~Marie Iozzo

*Marcy  is an integral part of maintaining my health and overall well-being!
I have always enjoyed and maintained an “active” lifestyle which included high school and college tennis, recreational golf and various forms of cardio and weight training.
The physical work that I did in my younger years has been replaced by hours of sitting at a computer screen and talking on the phone which is very detrimental to posture and cardio health.
As I approach 52 years of age, it is getting harder for my body to continue to do the things my brain thinks it can still do. Even the weekly tennis match, the occasional golf round or working in the yard can create a problem.

Thankfully I have had the care and expertise of a great LMT to help me through the last 10 years!

Between Marcy and my chiropractor, I have learned, maintained and improved my skeletal and muscular health. I used to visit Marcy on an irregular basis with an acute issue of some sort to address. Now we have a standing maintenance appointment every other week and acute appointments when necessary. This has been incredibly helpful in keeping small issues from becoming big ones.
2 years ago she helped me immensely, leading up to and recovering from spinal surgery. After they fused my C7 to my T1, (bottom of my neck to top of my back), she was instrumental in my recovery. Thankfully, the numbness, tingling and constant pain was corrected by the surgery. My range of motion, strength and flexibility has gotten progressively better and I give her a lot of the credit for how quickly and completely I returned to my normal activities without pain. I also give her credit for helping my breathing and respiratory health. I used to have a bout or two of bronchitis a season, but with her work on my neck, skull and jaw, (her specialty in TMJ), has opened my air ways and I haven’t had a respiratory issue the last two, terrible winters.

I feel more knowledgeable and “in tune” with my body and since my spinal surgery I have not taken any anti-inflammatory medicines, with Marcy’s care and guidance!

-Charles Ide

Marcy  I was trying to find someone to help me with the pain I was experiencing with TMJ due to my chronic clenching of my teeth. I was excited to discover Marcy had training in TMJD massage therapy. She has helped my pain far beyond my expectations. Finding the right massage therapist can be a life changer. I have seen a number of different massage therapists over the years. Marcy is by far the best!

Stacey Smith