Our Team

Marcy Kozsey Bowman, LMTMarcy Bowman, LMT

My name is Marcy Bowman and I started my career as a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Ohio back in 2005.
After doing “traditional hands on” therapeutic massage for over 10 years, I learned Ashiatsu -barefoot massage- in 2016. A year later, I put my foot down, I no longer took hands on clients, only doing Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage.
Being a massage therapist, runner and weight lifter, this puts me in a unique position not only to help you out of pain, but prevent you from future injuries by configuring a maintenance plan that coincides with your race, show or competition. Having done half marathons, a bajillion 5k’s, and being a gym junkie, I know what you’re experiencing. I help you reverse engineer a schedule to ensure we time your massages at just the right point. This will help you maintain fitness levels and increase range of motion helping catapult you to the next level.
I love the fact that I am part of peoples journey! I have had countless clients qualify & run the Boston Marathon, compete and place in not only bodybuilding competitions but in Powerlifting and Cross-fit competitions as well.
I pride myself on the fact that if I am not the Massage Therapist for you, I will tell you and assist you to find them.  Ashiatsu isn’t for everyone. We serve a specific market of very active individuals who need a deeply therapeutic touch. Light touch and relaxation lovers need not apply. It’s perfect for those who push their bodies to their limits, and need to continue moving forward.
I am continuously perfecting my craft. Continuing education is not mandatory in Ohio for LMT’s. I commit to as many relevant classes as I can every year, to keep my practice fresh and innovative.
“Learn from everyone, follow no one”.
Remedy Barefoot Massage Studio is located in West Toledo, in the Ottawa Hills Shopping Center.
-Licensed by the State of Ohio 2005 (License # 33.014305)
-Sports Massage 2004
-Massage for Golfers 2005
-Myofascial Release 2006-2014
-Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapy 2016-continuous
-Fijiian Barefoot Massage 2018
-Sponsor/Volunteer Coach for Girls on the Run

Monica Arellano, LMTMonica Arellano, LMT

Graduated from the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy in 2009 where I studied Sports massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy , among other facets of massage. I realized I wanted to become a massage therapist  when my daughter was just a baby and I learned different methods of massage to help her with digestion to calm her down. It was then I discovered the healing power of touch. While in massage school I quickly learned the whole science behind it and couldn’t wait to learn more.

I waited until my daughter was 7 years old to go to massage school! As a full time single parent mom, “who had the time”?! My daughter is now 15 going on 21 and I have an active 2 year-old who I am always trying to keep up with!   As a massage therapist I have more time to do what I love, spend time with my children and family, I’m the oldest of 5, garden and work out. Several years ago  I ran my first race, The Soldier Field March, I got HOOKED!!! After that race I injured my lower back to the point I couldn’t even dress myself. I should have listened to myself as I spoke to my clients, train right, proper stretching, hydrate! But it was that injury that made me really see what my clients go through on a regular bases. My passion to help people through massage grew stronger.

I worked four years at a health and wellness center, in those four years I furthered my certification in Neuromuscular therapy, certified in Golf flexibility and Effective Prevention & Treatment for Runners. In June of 2017, I became certified in Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage and have been “heeling” almost all my clients ever since as I get to incorporate myofascial release into every “Fasci-Ashi’ session.  Depending on what my client needs, I like to incorporate a little bit of everything in a session.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out and being a part of this new journey we are taking!

Jody Wingert, LMT

In 2001, Jody received an Associate of Applied Science of Massotherapy with combined certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and Evaluation & Assesment of Soft Tissue from the Ohio College of Massotherapy in Akron. Since then she has received further advanced training in Sports Massage, Pre/Post-natal Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Massage, Myofascial, Geriatric Massage, Reflexology, Hot & Cold Stone Treatments, Hungarian Facial Massage, Aromatherapy, Herbal Thai Poultice, and Bamboo Fusion. Her work throughout Northwest Ohio has included providing sports massage for the former Toledo Storm Hockey, development of massage protocol and massage education at local salon and day spas, providing outcall corporate and event chair massage, and offering outcall massage for area assisted living and rehabilitative facilities. In 2013, Jody enhanced her practice of massage therapy for mental health and stress management through her education at Lourdes University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Currently, Jody draws upon her fifteen years experience and education to provide an integrative approach to outcome based therapeutic massage. Whether the massage session’s goals are pain relief, wellness planning, or stress management, every integrative massage session is customized based on in depth consultation and subsequent sessions are fine tuned with continued treatment assessment based on client feedback, therapist evaluation, and results. Depending on individual preferences and therapeutic needs, each integrative massage blends Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure, light stretching, lymphatic stimulation, and aromatherapy with smooth warm bamboo while utilizing hot towels and client’s choice of organic massage product. Sessions may be adjusted as needed for pre/post-natal services.

Lindsay Williams, LMTLindsay Williams, LMT

Many people ask what drew me to massage at such a young age and the answer is… I honestly just fell into it. At 18, choosing a lifelong career fulfilled by 4 years of expensive college didn’t seem logical. All I knew was that I wanted to make a difference. A quick online search and faith in the massage profession led me to apply at the Dayton School of Medical Massage. After graduating from the program and obtaining my license in 2011, I journeyed over to Columbus, Ohio where the job market was lush and the “big city” called to me. Within my first two months practicing, I became certified in Prenatal massage. Not only does this modality help the mother carrying her child, but the child itself, so when I realized I could help two people at once, a lightbulb went off in my head. Through practicing Prenatal massage, I was able to help keep my mommy clients comfortable through some tough pregnancies but was also lucky to witness their growing bellies to eventually meet their new babies. Along with Prenatal massage, I prided myself on my ability to work deeply in a therapeutic way to help many clients through not just daily stress, but a myriad of injuries and surgeries. After nearly six years of incorporating my elbows, forearms, and, yes, even sometimes a knee, along with occasionally having to work over a thick blanket to help dull the sharpness that hands on deep tissue work can sometimes cause, I was on the prowl for a smarter way to do my job. I desired to practice in a deeper way that matched what many of my clients desired and would yield better results in a less painful, more effective manner. Ashiatsu, my bright and shiny new toy, allowed me to achieve exactly these things! I’d been longing to use my body in a way that made sense, and this modality made it entirely possible. Ashiatsu has opened up so many new doors for me and has changed the way that I am able to do my job. Plus, it makes me feel a little bit magical and who wouldn’t want that on a near daily basis?

In my free time, I enjoy living my life with the same calm intensity as what I do for a living. Anything that presents some sort of a ‘manageable’ challenge is something that I’m interested in. I am a self-taught baker and cake decorator. I also love to stay active by taking long walks around my neighborhood, the Old West End, and lifting weights at my college’s Rec Center. On top of working and living, I am a Nursing student at The University of Toledo and will remain there for the next three years (even though sometimes it feels like eternity..).

I am incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to join Team Remedy and to help ‘heel’ Toledo!