Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get a massage?

As often as your body needs! We don’t like to say a definitive time, because all bodies take massage and heal differently. Depending on your health, age, injury, etc. These all play a role in how quickly you recover and how often you will need to come in for your next treatment.

Can you really feel tension/knots with your feet during Ashiatsu?

Absolutely! Humans have thousands of nerve endings and touch receptor s in our feet. Ashiatsu trained therapist can feel tissue changes and imbalances under our feet!

Does Kinesio Taping really work and how does it work?

Yes! Taping lifts the skin to allow space with in the muscle where injury is or inflammation to allow blood to flow to reduce swelling. It also helps with correcting posture, when placed appropriately, it can help muscles create new memory with shoulders, neck or legs.

What is the difference between Bamboo & Hot stone?

Warm bamboo is a safer, more hygienic, and more environmentally friendly alternative to hot stone massage while also providing a greater range of myofascial manipulation. It can an also be utilized at cool temperature to treat inflammation.

Do I need to take off my underwear?
No. We always advise our clients to “undress to your comfort level”, meaning just that.  Every persons comfort level means something different. Keep in mind, you will be completely covered except the area we will be working on for that portion of your massage.
The only modality that requires you to “take it all off” would be Ashiatsu. The reasoning behind that is, the therapist is working with her feet and Ashiatsu is based on many long, full body strokes. Wearing anything more would impede the flow
How many of your clients are men?

Just as many men get massages as women. In fact, men may take a slight lead here!

Do your hands ever hurt?

Most of the time, no.  Good Massage Therapy means Good Body Mechanics. Using our best posture and body weight to get pressure instead of just our hands helps keep pain at bay. Our hands, wrists and arms sometimes will hurt if we overbook ourselves, which is why we set daily limits on how many massages we do.

How do we get knots?

Overuse or Misuse of a muscle.  Repetitive use or strain/microtear to a muscle are most common.

What are knots?

Knots are where there is restricted blood flow, and massage opens those restrictions to allow blood to reach it. Hence warm feeling they get once “released”

Do you have to go to school for massage therapy?

Yes.  We have to do many, many hours of schooling, background checks, and must get licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board. Needless to say it takes about a year and a half or more to go through the schooling, test and get your license.