Remedy Barefoot Massage Studio

Specializing in Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu Massage is massage therapy given with a therapists bare feet.

At Remedy, we call it “Fasci-Ashi” (Fah-she Ahh-she) meaning we do Myofascial Release with our bare feet.

 Pain relief for the active body. 

You push your body and work hard.  You need relief from sore & tight muscles, painful fascial restrictions, and decreased range of motion.

At Remedy, we work with active individuals to exceed expectations and meet personal goals.  We spend time with you to understand what activities you’re engaged in, how we can help you recover faster, prevent future injury, and train harder, therefore, customizing the massage experience to meet your needs.

Ashiatsu, also known as Barefoot Massage, provides a deeply therapeutic massage experience without having pokey elbows or jabby knuckles being dug into your musculature. We use OUR bare feet to massage, overhead bars for balance, an “Ashi strap” to lean against for different angles and leverage, and gravity as a force of pressure.

We pride ourselves as being Toledo’s ONLY Barefoot Massage Studio, boasting 3 out of 4 of our Licensed Massage Therapists are certified in Ashiatsu.  We were the 1st in Toledo to do this style of massage back in 2016 and constantly continue our education in the Barefoot Massage field so that we can deliver the best, most knowledgeable approach to giving you both a therapeutic and deep tissue massage.

Regular massages allow you to do more of what you love to do.  They are an integral part of your well-being.  Schedule a massage today!  Your body will thank you.

If you need assistance with your Workman’s Compensation rehab, we can help! Monica is Workman’s Comp certified.  Schedule your session today.